What Paints Are Best for Your Child’s Bedroom?

May 4, 2018 11:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsAs adults, we think in terms of style, color and the effect certain paints will have on our living spaces. Will this dark color close off my bedroom? Will this off-white make the space look too dull? Ultimately, we make our paint choices and enjoy them—and then we have kids…Kids are great at finding fun in the simplest of tasks, be it hide and seek, trekking around the yard or tracking mud through the house. They are messy and have no concept of how to keep your meticulously painted walls clean. So, since the battle is already underway, here are a few ideas from a paint store in Fleischmanns, NY to keep their rooms fun, lively and nicely painted.The finish mattersForget your own preferences for a second and think about this stage in the painting process as perhaps the most important call you will make in your project. The finish you select will mean the difference between faded paint, visible scuffs and ease of cleaning. If you pick a semi-gloss or glossy interior paint, chances are you will be able to clean things like crayon marks, food spills and other accidents off the wall. Scrub it too much, though, and that sheen you love will be gone in no time. On the other hand, matte paints have a tendency to show scuffs and scrub marks more easily. Go down the middle and choose an eggshell finish, which is sort of the best of both worlds.On to the colorKids love color, and luckily, because you know your finish, you can go with whatever color you want at this stage. But be forewarned that if you go too light, dirt and grime will show up, and if you go too dark, you risk losing that liveliness you were shooting for. Consider a midrange color, such as a medium blue or green, a lighter burgundy, a darker beige, etc.Making the room engagingA kid’s room should be a place for fun, rest and homework, so consider adding accents that play to at least two of those areas. With chalkboard paint you can dedicate one wall to creativity and learning, and paint the rest however you want. This matte paint might not be the most durable when it comes to cleaning, but it will spend most of its time covered in chalk, so who cares?Ask your kids for permissionWith technical details out of the way, talk to your kids about what colors they think would match their personalities. It’s important for a child to feel a sense of ownership of the space and have a vested interest in keeping it clean. Including them in the conversation could help to encourage their creativity and develop their sense of responsibility.To get inspired to paint your child’s bedroom, just visit your local paint store in Fleischmanns, NY. Here at Wadler Bros. Inc., our paint specialists can help you choose colors, or if you have a swatch or item with a particular color, we’ll match it for you!

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