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June 4, 2018 9:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsNot every man needs to have a fully stocked workshop or garage with major pieces of machinery and professional-caliber tools. However, there are certain items every man should have in his tool selection that will provide enough versatility and capability to handle most of the small jobs that pop up around the house. You don’t necessarily have to be an avid handyman or woodworker—these are just tools that are good to have lying around.Here are a few examples of these tools, which you can find at our hardware store in Fleischmanns, NY:
  • Adjustable wrench: After a hammer and screwdriver (which we didn’t include on this list because they sort of go without saying), an adjustable wrench is the hand tool you’ll probably get the most use out of.
  • Allen wrench set: Allen wrenches are frequently used for assembling furniture, especially furniture from chain stores like Target or Ikea that you purchase in a box. They’re also needed in plenty of other applications, so they’re good to have around.
  • Combination square: This tool will give you a square and a 45-degree angle, as well as a level and a ruler all built into one package.
  • Combination wrench sets: These wrenches are highly useful for plumbing or just about any application where you’re going to be tightening or loosening nuts.
  • Cordless drill: You should always have a couple power drills lying around, as well as sets of bits and drivers to go with them. They make so many jobs a lot easier, and are absolutely necessary for hanging shelves, installing drywall anchors and completing many other common tasks around the house.
  • Hacksaw: If you ever need to cut piping or metal, you’ll need to have a hacksaw on hand.
  • Needle-nose pliers: These pliers are ideal for joining wiring or reaching into places to grab things when you have very limited space.
  • Putty knives: You can purchase disposable plastic putty knives for individual jobs, but we find it’s helpful to have a few metal putty knives on hand as well. You’ll get a lot of use out of them for filling nail and screw holes and scraping debris off of surfaces.
  • Saw: A standard saw is also ideal to have around your house for cutting wood. If you’re not a woodworker or big DIY person, you probably don’t need to invest in power saws like jigsaws or circular saws (which are still very useful tools), but you should, at the very least, have a standard saw lying around your house.
  • Socket wrench set: These wrenches make tightening and loosening bolts quick and easy, and will fit into tight spaces.
  • Tape measure: This is an absolutely imperative addition to your tool set. You’ll get a ton of use out of it.
  • Utility knife: You’ll want to have a few of these on hand, whether for cutting cardboard or vinyl.
For more information about the tools you absolutely need to have, contact our hardware store in Fleischmanns, NY.

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