What Are the Best Woods to Use for Outdoor Projects?

February 21, 2018 4:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsWood is an enduring, sustainable material that has been used in construction and decoration for millennia, and for good reason. It’s aesthetically pleasing, has tons of structural integrity and can last for centuries when cared for properly. Not all woods, however, are created equal. Different types of trees produce woods with differing characteristics. Some woods, for instance, are denser, meaning that they are less susceptible to rot and water damage.Understanding how to choose the right type of wood for use in your outdoor project can help you construct a long-lasting deck, swing-set or other object with ease. The types of outdoor-safe woods available to you will largely depend on your geographic region. You should consult with a home supply store in Fleischmanns, NY to learn more about the types of wood available near you.There are a number of woods perfectly suited for use in outdoor projects that you can purchase from a home supply store in Fleischmanns, NY. Here are just some of the woods best suited for use in outdoor projects:
  • Composite woods: Made from pressed glue and sawdust, composite wood is a virtually indestructible construction material. Some composite woods are made from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice. Wood composites are rot-proof and completely watertight. Composites also provide additional traction when wet.
  • Teak: This high-end wood is beautiful and water-resistant. Teak is most commonly used in boat building, and can be exceptionally difficult to find. Today, teak is prized for its rich color and stunningly beautiful texture. Teak is exceedingly expensive, and is best suited as an accent material.
  • Redwood: This West Coast treasure is a naturally rot-resistant wood with lots of structural integrity. The Midwestern equivalent, red cedar, shares many properties with redwood. Both woods are excellent building materials, after being treated properly. Without proper treatment, they may bleed an excessive amount of tannins.
  • Cypress: Some types of cypress, grown in coastal areas, boast a whitish, sturdy sap wood and a darker, more robust heartwood. Inland cypress, on the other hand, features lighter heartwood. Cypress is a dense, beautiful and durable wood suitable for a number of construction projects.
  • White oak: White oak is most commonly known for its use in whiskey barrels. White oak is an excellent construction resource renowned for its hardness and resistance to rot. White oak has a tendency to split if drilled directly into, however, so it’s important to pre-drill holes when using white oak in construction projects.
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