What Exterior Paint Is Best for Rainy Weather?

December 21, 2017 3:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsIf you’re planning on painting or repainting your home’s exterior, you’re probably looking for a long-term solution that will keep your abode in fantastic condition for years to come. Painting the exterior of a house is a challenging and demanding task with serious implications. If your exterior paint isn’t applied correctly, it could result in the premature degradation of your siding or structural supports. Consult with your local paint store in Fleischmanns, NY to learn more about the best types of paint to use in and around your area.Residential paint is typically offered in two primary types: oil-based and latex paint. Oil-based paints are incredibly durable, and form a hard shell over the surface they are painted on to. Latex paints are easier to apply, though are typically not as durable as oil-based paints.If you are considering which type of paint is best suited for your home and lifestyle, you should probably consult with an expert at your local paint store in Fleischmanns, NY. There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when determining the paint type to use, including:
  • Climate: For exceedingly rainy areas, you should opt for an acrylic latex paint. Oil-based paints tend to trap water underneath them, especially when they are applied incorrectly. Using an acrylic latex paint on your home’s exterior is the best way to ensure that water can pass through the dried paint’s membrane.
  • The surface’s history: If you are putting a coat of paint on a completely fresh surface, you will have to prime it first. Some paints may come formulated with a built-in primer, however. Additionally, if your surface has been painted with an oil-based paint in the past, you can’t apply a coat of acrylic to it without first removing all of the old paint.
  • Ease of application: Oil-based paint is extremely difficult to work with. It can bubble and chip during the painting process, and can only be removed with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits. If you are uncomfortable behind a paintbrush, you should avoid using oil-based paints.
  • Personal preferences: At the end of the day, the type of paint that you opt to use on your home’s exterior should be decided by your own personal preferences. You can choose from a wide color palate and several different types of finishes. You should reach out to a paint store in Fleischmanns, NY to learn more about their inventory.
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