Know What Lumber Is Best for Construction Before It’s Too Late

June 21, 2017 10:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsIf you’re planning a new construction or remodeling project anytime in the near future, the best thing you can do to ensure it goes off smoothly is to work out the details ahead of time. Beyond getting a plan together and having all of the appropriate tools, this also means buying the materials that are right for the job—including lumber.Seasoned contractors have a good idea of what differentiates good versus bad home building supplies in Fleischmanns, NY, but for the average DIY-er or one-off project undertaker, something like the choice of lumber might not be so clear. It’s important to figure this out before the project gets underway, however, or you could find yourself with an inferior finished project that falls short of your expectations.Good lumber optionsNew construction and remodeling projects should rely on lumber that has a proven track record of reliability and durability. Let’s take a look at some of the better lumber options available for construction:
  • Cedar: This wood is dense, yet lightweight, which is a winning combination for construction projects. It’s also resistant to decay and will retain its integrity over the long term. Best of all, it can be used in confined spaces where micro-climates can form, such as closets or attics.
  • Cypress: Building a deck? How about a boat dock? Cypress is your number one option! This wood is unaffected by wet conditions and can stand up to outdoor abuse without wavering, making it a reliable building material.
  • Pine: Abundant and easy to work with, white pine is a great option for construction and remodeling projects. It’s cheap, comes in a variety of grains and will hold up to aging beautifully. It’s often a prime choice for things like cabinetry and shelving.
  • Redwood: If you want to spend the big bucks on top-level quality, redwood is the way to go. It’s often used for decking and general building because of its reliability, however it’s also a favorite for ornamental building projects because of its sheer beauty.
  • Oak: Extreme durability and resistance to things like rot and insect infestation make oak a great choice for building. It’s also one of the few hardwoods that makes the cut, since it does offer a degree of workability.
Keep in mind these are just a few of the more common lumber options out there to choose from. A full and complete scope of home building supplies in Fleischmanns, NY can encompass numerous other types of wood, depending on the product or application.Hard vs. soft woodOne final thing to look at before choosing lumber for your next building or remodeling project is whether or not you need a hard wood or a soft wood. Most home building and remodeling projects will rely on a soft wood, since they’re easier to work with and better for large-scale applications. However, if you’re working on something smaller or more ornamental, hard woods may become an option.Speak to one of the seasoned professionals at Wadler Bros. Inc. before you get to work on your next project for more insight into which wood options might be beneficial to you.

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