Winter Home Supply in Fleischmanns, NY Still Available

March 28, 2017 4:50 am Published by Leave your thoughtsAs you anxiously wait for the beginning of spring, stocking up on winter home supply in Fleischmanns, NY is likely the last thing on your mind. Wadler Bros. Inc. still has rock salt, wood pellets and other seasonal items in stock. As we make room for spring gardening and remodeling, this is a good chance to stock up on supplies in case of a sudden weather event or to be prepared for next winter. Here are five reasons why picking up your rock salt and wood pellets now is a good idea:
  • Stock up: Winter can sneak up on you. Temperatures may remain mild and you enjoy fall with few cares about the snow and cold temperatures occurring soon. Then one day, a heavy snow dumps and you are unable to neutralize ice or heat your home because you put off picking up supplies. If you take care of your rock salt and wood pellet needs now, that helps you prepare for next winter. This way, if the bliss of summer and fall make you deny the inevitable beginning of the cold season, you still have the right supplies when snow and ice hit.
  • Surprise snowstorms: Winter is not the only time for snow and ice. While it is technically spring, snowstorms arise unexpectedly here in the east. You may enjoy improving weather and believe you are in the clear from snow… and then the forecast turns for the worst. Rather than assume we are completely out of snow season, stay prepared. The weather can still offer you winter adventures and you do not want to be stuck at home without heat or a way to defrost your driveway.
  • Freezing night temperatures: Even though the days are getting nicer, night temperatures still dip below freezing. Your morning commute could start with an icy driveway, or your nights need extra heating help with your pellet stove. Rather than suffer through these conditions, remain prepared just in case.
  • Peace of mind: It is better to keep pellets in storage and not need them until November than to face a sudden temperature drop and have no way to produce heat. The same is true with rock salt, because it is one of the most effective ways to melt ice and keep snow from settling. Also, when winter starts again, you will not have to worry about a frantic trip to our store to make sure you are well-supplied. Instead, you will rest assured that you remain equipped for any weather.
  • Other uses: While wood pellets will remain in hiatus through spring and summer, rock salt has another role during spring. If you maintain a garden and need to neutralize weeds, rock salt is an excellent weed killer that is also environmentally sound. Maintain correct proportions between the salt and water mixture and your weed-pulling days will decrease.
Wadler Bros. Inc. is your fully stocked local hardware store and home supply in Fleischmanns, NY. Visit today to purchase supplies for any season.

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