The Most Essential Residential Plumbing Supplies in Fleischmanns, NY

March 11, 2017 3:48 am Published by Leave your thoughtsThere are plumbing supplies in Fleischmanns, NY that every homeowner should have on hand. These are not complex repair tools or expensive items. They serve you through everyday developments and use. If you are looking to complete your toolkit for simple plumbing repairs, here are seven tools to consider:
  • Toilet plunger: Every bathroom in your home must be equipped with a plunger. Professionals and homeowners alike use it for most stubborn drain obstructions. While they are designed to be ideal for toilets, they work for other fixtures, too. If you have a slow shower drain or a laundry room sink that remains full for too long, use your plunger and enjoy the noticeable difference. Laundry floor drains also frequently back up, and your plunger can help there, too. You can avoid many emergency plumbing calls by simply keeping a plunger close at hand.
  • Pipe snake: Drain clearing chemicals are convenient and effective. It is no wonder why they are popular items for every home! However, using them too frequently corrodes pipes. When your plunger can not dislodge a clog, the hand-cranked pipe snake can save the day. A standard homeowner’s model offers a 25-foot long cable that clears obstructions and allows drainage once more. Another name for it is a hand auger.
  • Pipe wrenches: You want two pipe wrenches in your home tool kit. One turns, and the other grips and holds. These wrenches are made specifically to handle threaded pipes and their fittings. When you need to tighten connections or change a section of pipe, owning these two wrenches allows you to skip a call to a plumber.
  • Basin wrench: Considered invaluable, the basin wrench addresses the nuts that hold in sink faucets. It is made for these tight spots so you can install these fixtures without bringing in a professional. You can also use the basin wrench for other home repair projects that also involve small areas.
  • The adjustable wrench: Hex nuts and supply lines may be odd-sized and beyond the grip of conventional wrenches. The adjustable wrench is exactly as its name implies: a wrench that can fit different connections. Consider purchasing two sizes, the six-inch and 10-inch, so you can address many situations.
  • Tongue-and-grove pliers: Anytime you need to grab, pull, twist, tighten, loosen or hold on, the tongue-and-grove pliers are your ultimate tool. This multi-application tool comes in handy for many plumbing shortcomings, and homeowners find other uses for them, too. There are few professionals who make repairs without them, and keeping them in your toolbox will make many home improvement jobs easier.
  • Propane torch: The primary use of a propane torch is for sweating copper pipes. You do this so they do not leak. Many homeowners use fireplace lighters and matches, but they never work as well as a torch.
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