Winter Weather Supplies on Sale at Your Hardware Store in Fleischmanns, NY!

February 25, 2017 3:48 am Published by Leave your thoughtsWinter is rarely easy on us in this region, and this year especially has been rough. Fortunately, as your local home improvement and hardware store in Fleischmanns, NY, Wadler Bros. Inc. is prepared to help you through the last few weeks of winter. Here are supplies you may find helpful—as well as on sale!
  • Shovels: When it comes to shoveling snow, you need a specialized shovel for the job. Otherwise, it is a brutal and thankless task that never seems to be finished. We offer a variety of snow shovels that can make this job quicker and easier. You are very likely to find one that you can maneuver easily so you can clear your driveway and sidewalks with relative ease.
  • Plows: There are hand plows that push snow off your driveway. If you have a longer driveway or run a commercial lot, there are also plows available that attach to your car or truck. You will want to be sure your vehicle offers the horsepower and torque to make that attachment useful. If it does, buying an attachable plow saves you time and money. With the right tools, you can reserve hiring snow removal services for the worst winter days.
  • Ground salt: Enduring an icy driveway is inconvenient and frequently dangerous. Even if your vehicle drives steadily over the ice, walking to your car or front door becomes treacherous. Rather than risk pain, emergency room expenses and even body damage to your vehicle, invest in ground salt. There are instructions on how to use it, or you can purchase a salt spreader. This may seem like an expense and a lot of effort, but it is worth it in terms of having safer premises.
  • Gravel: If you are not comfortable using ground salt, gravel is often an acceptable alternative. You can spread it on ice to increase traction, or deposit it on driveway slopes or behind tires to reduce the chance of being stuck. Gravel also helps pedestrians stay safe, and since ground salt often irritates paw pads on animals, you can use it to add traction without causing discomfort to pets.
  • Quick-drying cement: You will not be able to use this until after winter, but stocking up now makes it easier to make repairs later. As cement and asphalt go through defrost and freeze cycles, water seeps into the cracks and expands later when it turns into ice. This can lead to potholes and other damage to your driveways and walkways. One way to fill these holes is with quick-drying cement. It allows you to maintain a safe driving or walking space without horrendous expense.
  • Window and door sealing: Not all winter supplies are needed for outdoors. Drafts can freeze your home and raise your utility bills. When rooms get colder than usual or you get hit by drafts as you watch TV, consider resealing doors and windows. You will experience better warmth and lower heating costs.
Wadler Bros. Inc. is a full-service hardware store in Fleischmanns, NY. Visit us today to find the winter weather equipment you need!

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