The Top Bathroom Trends to Incorporate Into Your Next Remodel

October 1, 2016 8:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsIf you’re like many people, the bathroom is where you start and end your day. It’s the room where you gear up for the day with a refreshing shower, followed by hair and makeup—and it’s also where you unwind with a nice bath or wash your face following a long day at the office. But a rundown bathroom in desperate need of a remodel can often result in more stress instead of relaxation. Oftentimes, it can practically ruin a morning to have to wait for warm water in the shower or fight over who gets the mirror. That’s where the professionals at Wadler Bros. Inc. come in. We’re here with the top selection of bath and plumbing supplies in Fleischmanns, NY to help turn your cramped bathroom into a luxurious retreat.To get you started, here are some of the top bathroom trends to incorporate into your next bathroom remodel:
  • Statement tiles: Not all bathrooms have to be filled with white porcelain. Make yours stand out by incorporating a statement tile in the design. Whether it’s in the showers or on the floor, this is a great way to brighten up a room often known for looking a bit drab. Florals and marbles are the top choices this year, but earth tones are always a classic choice.
  • Water efficient fixtures: Environmentally friendly design is one trend that hasn’t gone out of style. Most major plumbing items are also available in a water efficient option, including low-flow sinks, showerheads and toilets. These fixtures can reduce your monthly water bill tremendously. Many big name designers have started creating their own water saving designs, so you won’t find yourself limited to bland porcelain or stainless steel when it comes to saving water.
  • Big sinks: Installing a big sink is the perfect way to ensure you and your significant other are never fighting over who gets the mirror space first. One of the top designs is the trough sink. While it might sound fit for a barnyard, it’s essentially the combined size of two separate sinks under one mirror. Plus, they’re incredibly deep, so you could easily hand wash a wool sweater or t-shirt without sloshing water all over the floor.
  • Open shelving: Show off your investment in those luxurious towels and grooming products with open shelving. This sleek, contemporary trend takes minimalism to a whole new level by eliminating bulky vanities and storage under the sink. Try wood shelves for a rustic look. Glass shelves are another great option for a hyper-modern look, while also encouraging you to keep clutter at a minimum. Plus, this way your guests will never have to root around cabinets in search of a hand towel.
Whether you’re looking to install a new showerhead or ready to undergo a complete overhaul, the friendly staff at Wadler Bros. Inc. is here to help you find the bath and plumbing supplies in Fleischmanns, NY that you need to complete your project. Stop by today to get started!

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