Why Visit Your Power Tool Store in Fleischmanns, NY?

September 1, 2016 4:54 am Published by Leave your thoughtsThere are skilled workers who carve cabinets or produce art without touching a single power tool. However, when you are finishing projects at home, you likely have other priorities aside from the pride of handmade products. That is why a visit to your local power tool store in Fleischmanns, NY is vital for making your life easier. Here are four power tools that should be in the collection of every homeowner:
  • Power screwdriver: When customers purchase a power screwdriver, it does not take long before they wonder how they ever survived without one. This tool is useful for many projects, ranging from hanging pictures to assembling furniture. It assures a tight connection every time. People who suffer arthritis or other joint pain often enjoy power screwdrivers because using a conventional one leads to repetitive motion pain. You can buy cordless varieties so you can fix anything anywhere without having to find an outlet first. Just remember to keep it charged!
  • Drills: Power drills are very versatile. You can use them to tighten screws or drill holes for wall shelving or pictures. A corded drill offers more power, but the cordless version is more mobile. Many homeowners find that the cordless drills meet most of their needs just fine. Choose a product that comes with a wide collection of drill bits so it can cover more projects. There are even brush attachments for drills that you can use to clean your bathroom! Your drill’s abilities only stop with your imagination.
  • Saws: There are many types of power saws, including miter, jigsaw, reciprocating, circular and table saws. Most homeowners do well with small table or circular saws for those times when you need to cut material for that repair project. There are handheld jigsaws, too, and when people need one, they are very glad it is waiting in their garage. If you are cutting larger materials for yard or landscaping projects, your best option is a reciprocating saw. Just as you would not want to drill a hole in the wall with a hand awl, you may also find that your handsaw requires a lot of effort for low quality cutting. Stop by our store, tell us about your home improvement projects and we can help you find the best saw for your needs.
  • Sander: Anytime there is a refinishing, spackling or painting project on your agenda, you will be glad to have a power sander on hand. Even small hobby projects are less convenient and enjoyable without one. It will save you time, but will also produce a higher quality finish then if you decided to do your prep work by hand. Learn the different grades of sandpaper to create the perfect finish each time and make that new paint or finish enhance your projects even more.
Wadler Bros. Inc. is your local power tool store in Fleischmanns, NY. We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming environment, the high quality of our products and the vast knowledge of our staff. Visit us today to see what you need to make your home projects happen more easily and more quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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