Prioritize Function and Aesthetics When Shopping for Door Supplies in Fleischmanns, NY

September 15, 2016 4:55 am Published by Leave your thoughtsDoors are an important component to your home. Your front door welcomes guests, but also assures your security. Meanwhile, interior doors offer privacy in the different areas of your home, whether they exist at the entrance of a bedroom or a home office. You want to take good care of your doors while also helping them look good, which is why you need a good source for door supplies in Fleischmanns, NY. Here are the items you might find at our store to add either security or style to any door in your home:
  • Door knockers: If you would like to add a classic touch to your home, install a door knocker. You can find them in single packs, or you can buy them in a package with matching knobs and dead bolts. While the doorbell may seem to render the door knocker unnecessary, there are people who prefer knocking to ringing. Even if it is never used, you will likely enjoy what this nod to the past adds to your door. It can serve well as both a novelty decoration and a utilitarian addition.
  • Embellished doorknobs: While a simple doorknob will do the job, you can change the whole look of your interior and exterior doors with new knobs. People notice the finer details, and an embellished knob falls in that category. Round knobs for interior doors can include particular metal textures or extra ornamentation. Customers also like lever doorknobs due to their distinguished appearance and ease of use. If you have nice hardwood doors, the right knob will only enhance their distinctive appearance. Never underestimate the effects of one small change.
  • Locks: You may have to change locks due to lost keys or other security concerns. However, you can find sturdy, reliable replacements that are also attractive. Even deadbolts are offered in many metal colors and styles, yet their desirable functions remain. You can consider your lock replacement a good opportunity to add a new attractive feature to your door.
  • Hinges: No one is likely to inspect your hinges very closely, but you still want to find good quality ones that will never fail you. You can find sturdier designs for exterior doors when you need that additional security. If you have teenagers who constantly slam their bedroom doors, there are hinges and knob sets that are made to stand up to that. By making the right choice of this essential hardware, you can avoid replacement for a while.
  • Different door designs: At Wadler Bros. Inc., we not only offer you the essential hardware for your doors, but also the doors themselves! Choose from wood clad, aluminum, steel, vinyl and fiberglass based on where you are installing the door or even the style you prefer. There are also custom sizes available for those homes with doorways that are not the typical size.
If you require door supplies in Fleischmanns, NY, visit Wadler Bros. Inc. We carry products by Anderson, Marvin, Atrium and many others so you can choose from a broad selection.

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