The Top Colors to Pick Up at Your Local Paint Store in Fleischmanns, NY

August 1, 2016 4:04 am Published by Leave your thoughtsSummer is the perfect time to give your home a new paint job. The long days and warm weather provide the best environment possible to update your walls.Much like clothing and cars, there are always popular colors in the paint world. These top picks range from the neutral to the vibrant, so you’re bound to find a shade that is perfect for your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Once you select your favorite, be sure to stop by your local paint store to pick-up a can. Here are the top trends in paint colors for your home:
  • White: While it may seem basic, white is a timeless color choice. This versatile hue is perfect for both modern and traditional spaces. It can make any room feel light and relaxing. Plus, white comes in so many different shades from off white to eggshell, so you can still create a unique look suited for your home.
  • Lilac: This vibrant shade doesn’t have to be reserved for a child’s bedroom. Lilac hues can actually be very sophisticated and add a feeling of warmth to even the darkest rooms. Choose a light shade for a relaxed look or opt for a more adventurous dark color to make any room appear elegant. Pair purples with gray for a stand out combination.
  • Blue: Gone are the days of strong color. One of the top trends in paint currently is lighter, muted shades of more vibrant colors. The most popular is blue. Unlike the overwhelming dark blue, a faded, milky blue is one trend you won’t be regretting ten years from now. These washed out shades will leave you feeling as though you’re relaxing at a beach house instead of in your living room.
  • Gray: There’s a reason gray has probably been dominating your “Home” board on Pinterest. This color is clean and neutral, so it will never clash with any of your belongings—regardless of how crazy that yellow throw pillow may seem in the store. Gray is both warm and cool, making it a wonderful choice all year long. Try pairing it with clean white cabinets with matte brass knobs in your kitchen for a modern color combination.
  • Green: Forget neutrals—a bold shade of green is the best way to make an elegant statement. This intense color will channel your inner nature lover while still feeling luxurious. Layer neutral color furnishings with this bright wall color for your next room design.
Whether you’re looking to update your entire home or just one room with a fresh coat of paint, the experts at Wadler Bros. Inc. in Fleischmanns, NY are here to help you select the perfect shades. Our family operated hardware store has been serving the area for more than 50 years. Stop by today to figure out which trending color is perfect for your home.

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