Tips from a Home Building Supply Store in Fleischmanns, NY to Keep in Mind While Installing Kitchen Cabinets

July 2, 2016 6:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughtsEven if you think you are completely prepared to install new cabinets in your kitchen, it doesn’t hurt to turn to the experts for a few extra pieces of advice. Here are a few tips from the kitchen DIY experts at our home building supply store in Fleischmanns, NY that you should definitely be familiar with before taking a job on yourself:
  • Be careful when removing old cabinets: For many people who are engaging in their first kitchen DIY job, they think removing the cabinets is as easy as removing a few screws and pulling the cabinet off the wall. In many cases, there is often caulk along some of the edges that is also holding the cabinets in place. Make sure you closely analyze all of the edges, and use a utility knife to remove any existing caulk before attempting to pull the cabinet off the wall. Otherwise, you run the risk of pulling down your wall in the process.
  • Start at the top: Starting at the top and working your way down when installing new cabinets will prevent anything from getting in the way of your job. It can be difficult to have to work around cabinets near your legs when hanging other cabinets from the wall. Additionally, you should work from left to right, starting in a corner and working from there. This will save you a great deal of frustration later on.
  • Remove all doors and drawers: It is significantly easier to install cabinets after they have been stripped down. In most cases, cabinets come with doors and drawers attached, so you will need to remove them before you can proceed. This makes the cabinets much lighter and easier to maneuver, as well as easier to screw into place. Make sure you’ve marked which drawers and doors go to which cabinets before doing this, of course.
  • Get some help: Installing cabinets in a kitchen is a much easier process when you have a helper or two. The biggest reason for this is that helpers can support the weight of the cabinet while you maneuver it into place. Without proper weight support, there is a chance the cabinets could be installed crookedly or unsafely.
  • Mark studs before beginning: It’s way easier to install cabinets when you already know exactly where the studs are that you are going to be screwing into. Find the studs before you even begin the installation process, and mark them off with small nail holes. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Plan, plan, plan: You’ll save yourself a whole lot of headache if you are well prepared before you begin installation. Make sure you know exactly where plumbing, gas, electrical wiring and appliances are located so you can work these factors into your plan, even before ordering your cabinets.
Our home building supply store in Fleischmanns, NY is pleased to answer any additional questions you have about cabinet installation. Contact Wadler Bros. Inc. today to learn more.

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